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    'The Independent Music Show'

    Our Listenership is in the Millions over Multiple International Radio Stations

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    Global Community Radio2
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    'The Independent Music Show' is airing.

    WRAQ, Angelica, New York, 92.7 FM

    WNPA, Canton, Ohio , 102.5 FM

    WLSL, St. Leo, Florida, 92.7 FM

    WYAP, Clay, West Virginia, 101.7 FM

    WRST, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 90.3 FM

    On Demand with
    The College Underground Radio Network

    List Of Stations

    Atlanta Georgia USA
    Baltimore USA-Wash DC Area
    Los Angeles USA
    Chicago, USA
    Cameroon, Africa
    Sydney, Australia
    Toronto, Canada
    Cape Town, South Africa

    Other International Stations
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    Fri; 8pm - 9pm - Mon; 1am - 2am

    On Demand With 'Mixcloud'

    'Radio Munduslingua'

    'Radio City FM'

    On Demand With 'Podomatic'

    'International Connection Radio'

    '3rd Strike Lucky Radio'

    'Titan FM'

    'Showcase Radio'

    'W.Q.4.D. Radio'

    'Kint98 Radio'

    'I R N Radio'

    'RescueFM Radio'

    'Banbridge Community Radio'

    'Audio Graffitti Radio'

    'Bongo Boy iSpin Radio'
    Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10am EDT

    'Pennine1 Radio'


    'Indie Star Radio'

    'Induecast Radio'

    'Snapback FM Radio'

    '102.7 WSNR Radio'

    'RGVU Radio'

    'Worsley Radio'

    'The Independents Network'

    Worsley Radio UK
    Veteran Radio UK
    The Hosking Channel Nashville
    Chobe FM Radio - Botswana

    'VIP Independents Radio'

    'ipmNation Radio'

    'Boston Internet Radio'

    'Fashing Web Radio'

    'Radio Relaxo'

    'Radio Arcadia'


    'Fish Creek Radio'

    'XRP Radio'

    'RFTK Radio'

    'GTTN Radio'

    'Krystal Radio'

    'Bumps Radio'

    'Gwent Radio'

    'Dapper FM Radio'

    'Sticher Radio'

    'Sound Machine Radio'

    'K-Rocks Radio'

    'Radio 4 Brainport'

    'Box Online Radio'

    'Cambrian Radio'

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    The Featured Artist Radio Promotion
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    Nine Week Featured Artist Campaign - Full Cost = £150

    Our Gold - Silver & Bronze Featured Artist Campaign Plans

    Our Client Testimonials

    The Nut Drivers

    Visit The Nut Drivers.

    Elisa Brown Singer/songwriter Host of The Heart of Art-on PBS

    "Tom's talent for selecting an impressive array of gem stone tunes for his weekly broadcasts is consistently stellar. So, while I was expecting to bookend some great music for my week as the Featured Artist, nothing could have prepared for the caliber of artistry that Tom chose for the week that my recordings were aired.

    I was literally blown away -- and truly honored -- to have my works featured alongside such a world class line-up of songs.

    Thanks,Tom, for getting my music out into the world!" Visit Elisa

    Stephen Pryor Managing Partner / Promoter

    The Independent Music Show....Tom Lambert has the ear for good music. His show is second to none playing the best of the best in Indie Music.

    Top ranked A+ show...Highly recommened. Visit Stephen & Phil

    Danie Cortese Entertainment

    "I found "The Featured Artist Promotion" to be highly effective for my client. Incredible exposure to appropriate audiences.

    A wonderful opportunity for independent talent." Visit Danie

    Steve Ratchen From recording artists Division 1.1, The Wizards of Winter and formerly of Alchemy X

    Tom is an absolute pleasure to deal with! His breadth of musical knowledge is surpassed only by his affability and charm- Having been in the recording/performing industry for many years, I have worked with a plethora of radio personalities and music show hosts and sometimes the process between artist and media can be confrontational or awkward at best. From our initial contact Tom was nothing but professional while being as cordial as if we'd been friends for years!

    This is a man who appreciates the diversity of artists on his programme and truly champions the cause of eclectic, independent music, that is, none the less, every bit as polished and produced as any record you'd hear on mainstream radio! And that is no small feat in and of itself- In an industry that has eroded so badly due to the generic refuse that passes as "music", it is only on programmes like Tom's Independent Music Show, as well as other like-minded grass roots shows that one can hear artists and genres that you would never be aware of otherwise- A noble and imminently necessary endeavor and one that I think Mr. Lambert is excelling in- Visit Steve

    Steve Vozzolo Tragic Poet Records

    Every now and then, something very good and very special happens in the music business. Being named the "Featured Artist" on Tom Lambert's "The Independent Music Show" is one of those very special events for me.

    I am an independent Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist and Record Producer. I operate my own indie record label, Tragic Poet Records. I have released four CDs and I am currently working on my fifth CD, "The King of Vagabond Road - Songs Inspired by the Paintings of Jack B Yeats." My recent CD release is, "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame - Music Inspired by the Art & Times of Andy Warhol - Steve Vozzolo & The Tragic Poets." My songs have been covered by a number of other artists, most notably, Arlo Guthrie.

    The benefits I have enjoyed as "Featured Artist" are quantifiable in that my music has been heard world wide on over 190 syndicated radio stations by many hundreds of thousands of listeners resulting in new fans and increased music downloads and CD sales. My status as "Featured Artist" has resulted in significant interest and airplay for my music by other radio stations, as well. While I do have a presence on social media, Tom Lambert has made an "art form" of effective promotion on social media sites which has also been of great benefit to my music. Also, the acknowledgment, validation and recognition of my music serves as wonderful motivation for me to keep working. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to Tom Lambert and The Independent Music Show.

    Warm Regards, Steve Vozzolo Visit Steve

    Deborah Henriksson D.H.P Records

    Being "Featured Artist" on 'The Independent Music Show' has been a GREAT experience for me! Not only did the program air two of my recordings – one to begin and one to end the show – but Tom's commentary sparked extra interest that "only" airplay alone could not supply.

    I definitely recommend the Featured Artist promotion to other artists. Visit Deborah


    It´s a pleasure for an artist to deal with Tom.

    The Independent Music Show is a great opportunity for independent artists to get the word out. Tom handled everything very professional. Many thanks and our appreciation to Tom Lambert. Highly recommendable!

    Pat Hunt, Randy Miller, Steffen Goeres, Joe Gavito and Raimund Breitfeld / WORLD5 Visit WORLD5

    Marion Walsh

    "Tom Lambert's internet radio show is unparalleled. He has a worldwide audience of listeners who appreciate all kinds of music.

    Being featured artist on his show was not only an honour, but a great way to increase my fan base.

    Thanks, Tom!"
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Visit Marion

  • Play-Lists

    Take Note; There is 'NO PAY FOR PLAY' On 'The Independent Music Show'

    Céad Míle Fáilte (A Hundred Thousand Irish Welcomes) 'The Independent Music Show' does exactly what it says on the tin.Plays the Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World. 'The Independent Music Show' features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the Listener would like to hear. Sure you will hear some Mainstream Music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who's on Big Budget Production and who isn't….because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the Mainstream.
    We Are Now Syndicated on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations AM - FM - Satellite & Internet / Combined Listener-ship...in the Millions
    Contact us now to have 'The Independent Music Show' added to your stations schedule!

    Our Nine Weeks Play-Lists & Artists Links

    Promoters & Agents
    We Work With

    Celebrity Publicist & Independent Music Promoter Danie Cortese: Canada.
    Rush Release provides a one-stop music promotion & marketing service for the Music Industry: UK.
  • Featured Artists

    Carlos has been entertaining audiences for over 35 years throughout the eastern half of the United States, first as a member of the roots reggae group "I-Tal", and then with the legendary "First Light", before finally pursuing a solo career with his current group – the Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate (aka "The P.L.U.S. Band"). .
    Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band
    "Old School / Fresh Jazz is an inclusive multi-stylistic album that showcases today's eclectic state of Contemporary Jazz.
    The Michael Lauren All Stars

    Steve Bonham The Vagabond Philosopher Wide brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 21 years on the road. A hundred thousand miles and half a thousand hotel rooms.
    Steve Bonham & The Long Road

    2018 An Award-Winning Year For Australian Duo Studeo takes home prizes in multiple ceremonies, genres.
    sandmoon is an indie pop/folk band originating from Beirut, Lebanon. Initiated by singer/songwriter Sandra Arslanian.
    KILLING TYRANNY is a heavy metal band based out of the San Diego area of Southern California.
    Killing Tyranny
    Cécile Nordegg I No-Ce well known as an actress in film and theater and as a contemporary painter, as well as No-Ce her Band.
    Cécile Nordegg I No-Ce
    When it comes to storytelling, Brock Zeman is a master craftsman. The Canada-based singer-songwriter has spent the past 12 years carving and chiseling Americana soundscapes, drawing from roots-rock and alternative country.
    Brock Zeman

    My Name is Lana Blac! I am a Vampire! My album Nocturnal is out now worldwide on all major digital online stores!
    Lana Blac
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    "Exclusive Sponsor Proposal"

    1. 'The Independent Music Show' is now Syndicated on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations, comprising Internet, AM & FM formats.
    Our listenership is in The Millions, from the Small Stations we Broadcast on to the Largest.
    Our Reputation within the Music and Entertainment Industry is built on Honesty, Integrity, Professional Expertise and Reliability.

    to see what Artists, Bands and Promoters say about us.

    2. Listener Statistics.
    Here is a small sample statistic from a few of our syndication stations:

    3. Source:

    RADIO CITY FM (RCFM) is the new metropolitan radio in the Rhine-Ruhr area of North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), produced in the English language in the heart of the Ruhr region. Distribution takes place via FM and Online.
    RCFM approximately have between 11.000 and 16.000 listeners per hour on FM at present and a potential listenership upwards of 6 million.

    4. Source:

    The #1 Internet Radio Station Chain for College, Underground and Independent Music. Broadcasting worldwide 24/7/365. 
    College Underground Radio plays a variety of Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Dance, Alternative and other genres.

    5. Source:

    K-ROCKS Radio One Casper Wyoming USA.

    Hello Tom!
    Glad to help and advise.

    Our AM station covers all of Casper via Carrier Current (power line distribution) and our FM consists of fifteen low power FM transmitters located at key business and residential locations.

    Population is 59,000 and growing as the state opens up more natural energy exploration and mining.…


    Is to offer an Exclusive Sponsorship Participation including 'The Featured Artist Promotion' segment on 'The Independent Music Show'. The show will work with just One Forward Thinking Sponsor, to enhance both the Brand and Product of that Sponsor to listeners, throughout the world, within the independent music scene, as well as Ongoing Promotion of 'The Independent Music Show', Artists Writers and Bands.

    This Sponsorship Branding is being offered to Companies within and without the Entertainment Industry, because...Producers, Musicians, Bands, Recording Studios as well as Listeners, are all potential consumers of your Brand or product.

    Associate your Brand-Name with the Promotion of the Independent Music Scene and 'The Independent Music Show' Internationally.


    Full Exclusive Sponsorship Participation Inclusive of...

    0n air Brand Sponsorship and full integrated website sponsorship advertising, exclusive to a partnership Sponsor only.

    A full 2 minuets of on air audio sponsorship branding jingles as well as referencing 'The Featured Artist Promotion' exclusive Sponsor throughout the show.

    'The Independent Music Show' Newsletter, Magazine and Website would also be used in conjunction with integrated branding and product advertising of the exclusive sponsor on all internet social and international promotion.

    A negotiated price on the full integrated package that would suit the sponsorship purse.

    Ongoing consultation with sponsor on new promotional ideas from either 'The Independent Music Show' or Sponsor.

    Check all that the promotion of Independent Music can offer through co-operation with 'The Independent Music Show' and if you think this Proposal can be the Platform to enhance your Brand or Product....

    Please contact Tom.

    Phone; +44 02838988180
    Email; tom@theindependentmusicshow.com

    'The Independent Music Show'
    A Tom Lambert Enterprises Production
    Co. Armagh,
  • Our Currently Featured Artists Videos


    Featured Artist 16/Nov'/2018 - "Steve Bonham & The Long Road"
    performs 'The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart'

    Featured Artist 23/Nov'/2018 - 'The Michael Lauren All Stars' performs
    'Lisboa Boogaloo'

    Featured Artist 30/November/2018 - 'Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band' performs 'Jump In Line'

    Featured Artist 09/November/2018 - 'Studeo' performs
    Can't Stop Loving You

    Featured Artist 02/November/2018 - 'sandmoon' performs
    In The End

    Featured Artist 26/October/2018 - 'Killing Tyranny' performs

    Featured Artist 10/August/2018 - 'Cécile Nordegg I No-Ce' performs
    Les Maux D'Amore

    Featured Artist 14/December/2018 - Brock Zeman performs
    Pulling The Sword Out Of The Devil's Back.

    Featured Artist 07/December/2018 - Lana Blac performs
    Suck You In

    Since you're here … we've got a small favour to ask. More people are reading 'The Independent Music Show Magazine' than ever, but no-one is paying for it and that's the way we want to keep it
    ....'Free For All to Read'....
    If you love Independent Music......Please Support....

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    Telephone: +44 028 38988180

    E-mail: tom@theindependentmusicshow.com

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  • 'Featured Artist...23/Nov'/2018...The Michael Lauren All Stars'

    New Yorker Michael Lauren (b. 1950) has been drumming since the age of eight. His artistry crosses the boundaries of jazz, blues, funk, rock and world music. Michael attended The Johns Hopkins University B.A., The Peabody Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music. He is a founding member of the world renowned Drummers Collective NYC, where he taught for over twenty-five years. Michael is currently Professor of Drum Set Studies and was the head of the Jazz Department (2005-2010, 2015-2017) at the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE) in Porto, Portugal. He is also the founder and artistic director of The International Drum Academy, Lisbon,Portugal.

    Michael has performed and/or recorded with Paul Anka, Chuck Berry, Charles Brown, Tom Jones, Darlene Love, Milt Hinton, Tom Harrell, Bob Stewart, Teo Macero, and The Michael Lauren All Stars, whose debut album "Once Upon A Time In Portugal" was chosen as one of the 10 best national albums (Portugal) of 2016. Michael has worked in Broadway theatre productions, in the studios of New York City recording jingles, industrials and albums, and was also a staff drummer for the music publishing company Famous Music.

    Michael is the author of seven books: Welcome To Odd Times - An Approach To Mental and Manual Dexterity For The Drum Set, The Book of Silence, The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming, Rudiments And Variations For Drummers, Understanding Rhythm - A Guide To Reading Music, Rhythmic Fundamentals, and Compreender Ritmo. An internationally recognized educator and clinician, Michael has written articles for Modern Drummer Magazine, The Percussive Arts Society's magazine Percussive Notes and Score Magazine a subdivision of the PBS television series "Rock School".

    Michael endorses Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals and sticks, and Remo drumheads.

    Michael formed his All Star band with some of Portugal's best and most experienced jazz musicians in order to create the opportunity to play the music he likes to play, in the way that gives him the most pleasure.

    The Michael Lauren All Stars play exciting, eclectic, accessible, contemporary Jazz rooted in the Hard Bop tradition. Their new album "Old School / Fresh Jazz" presents a mix of duets and larger ensemble pieces which not only showcases Michael's versatility as a drummer, but highlights the talents of the All Stars.

    "Old School / Fresh Jazz marks a new success for Michael Lauren and his All Stars" – La Habitación del Jazz

    "Old School / Fresh Jazz is an inclusive multi-stylistic album that showcases today's eclectic state of Contemporary Jazz. The Michael Lauren All Stars 2016 debut album "Once Upon A Time In Portugal" was not only highly praised by both Portuguese and International jazz critics but was also chosen as one of the 10 best national albums (Portugal) of 2016.

    "A generous compilation of sparkling new music, this CD delivers its jazz promise multiple times over" – Debbie Burke/author

    The Michael Lauren All Stars
    Michael Lauren – drums and percussion
    Carlos Barretto - contrabass

    Diogo Vida - piano and fender rhodes
    Hugo Alves - trumpet
    Jeffery Davis - vibraphone
    José Menezes - saxophone
    Nuno Ferreira - guitar

    Additional artists
    Rui Veloso - vocal
    Michael Crehore - keyboard

      Facebook - You Tube - Twitter

    Video Performance

  • 'Featured Artist...30/Nov'/2018...Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band'

    Carlos has been entertaining audiences for over 35 years throughout the eastern half of the United States, first as a member of the roots reggae group "I-Tal", and then with the legendary "First Light", before finally pursuing a solo career with his current group – the Peace, Love, Unity Syndicate (aka "The P.L.U.S. Band"). Choosing to focus on bringing a positive message with his music, Carlos has continued to win a diverse group of new fans everywhere he plays.

    With headline performances at Cleveland ROCKSNYEVE, Jamaica's 'JamRock 2010', Idaho's 'Marley in the Mountain Fest', Wade Oval, Painesville Party in the Park, Warren Amphitheatre, Springfield Amphitheatre, and the Midwest Reggae Festival to name but a few, Carlos Jones and the P.L.U.S. Band will be rockin' the house with their unique brand of high energy "put yer dancin' shoes on" reggae.

    At the age of 50, he's married to a family of fans that come out every week to see him.

    "It's the love I get from the people that enjoy the music," says Jones, explaining his longevity. "It's that sense of community and camaraderie; that's what I live for. Because we're so insulated from each other and so isolated from each other, when we get together under that umbrella of one love — it's such a beautiful feeling."

    Recorded with the help of Jacob Fader, leader of the Cleveland Afro-Pop group Mifune, who engineered and co-produced the recording, Leave a Trail is a collection of 12 songs written by Jones in his trademark roots-reggae style, with inspirational messages woven throughout with his warm, compelling voice.

    Carlos Jones & the P.L.U.S. Band has been one of the top regional draws over the last 5 years, performing at clubs, festivals, and concerts such as Cleveland House of Blues, Midwest Reggae Festival, Springfield (OH) Arts Festival, Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park, The Tall Ships Festival, and the Kneadmore Reggae Festival.

    The group attracts a widely diverse crowd, showing an almost universal demographic appeal. The group's first release – "Roots With Culture" saw modest success as the song "Torchbearer" was picked up by XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and broadcast to a national audience. The song was also licensed to and included in a college textbook (World Music: A Global Journey/Miller & Shahriari/Routledge Publishing). Jones also had one of his tracks included in the movie trailer for the recent Matthew Mcconaughey movie, "Surfer Dude."

    - review first published in Reggae Festival Guide Magazine

    Facebook - Soundcloud - Twitter

    Video Performance

  • 'Featured Artist Campaign Overview'

    Our Featured Artist Campaign Plans

    'The Independent Music Show' is just that, a Music Radio Show...not a Radio Station.

    We Do Not Send Your Music To DJs - We Play Your Music On Our Show.
    Your work is played in Syndication on Multiple International Radio Stations who carry
    'The Independent Music Show' By our Syndication Partner Stations Throughout the Nine Week Promotion.
    That's Gauranteed Plays During The Nine Weeks Of Promotion + A Nine Week Website Page Display and Social Media Promotion + Continued On-Demand Play-Links + Nine Week Magazine Promotion.

    All Plans Receive Full Social Media Promotion

    'The Independent Music Show' is Broadcast in Syndication airing on Multiple Radio Stations across the World, on a Weekly basis and at different times and dates within the nine weeks of broadcast.

    We Are Now Syndicated on Multiple Prime International Radio Stations AM - FM - Satellite & Internet / Combined Listenership...in the Millions

    Gold plan £150 Sterling: 'Featured Artist Radio Campaign'

    1. Featured in Syndication On Multiple Prime International Radio Stations
    2. One of Your Tracks will Start the Show
    3. One of Your Tracks will Finish the Show
    4. Nine Weeks Featured Promotion Display on the The Independent Music Show Website
    5. Featured Promotion Display on ( The Independent Music Show) Mail-Drop
    6. Nine weeks full page spread in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine'
    7. Links to where you want them plus embedded music video
    8. Promotional Write-up to be supplied by artist
    9. Advance bookings being taken
    10. Suitability for airplay to be controlled by show management
    11. Featured Promotion Display; Nine Full Weeks
    12. Syndicated Radio Airplay; Nine Full Weeks
    13. Payable in advance by Pay-pal Invoice
    14. Dates Subject to availability

    15. Silver plan £120 Sterling: Airplay + Magazine & Mail-Drop.

    16. Airplay in Syndication On Multiple Prime International Radio Stations
    17. One of Your Tracks will be included in the Show
    18. Syndicated Radio Airplay; Nine Full Weeks
    19. Play-List Display on ( The Independent Music Show) Mail-Drop
    20. One Month full page spread in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine'
    21. Links to where you want them plus embedded music video
    22. Promotional Write-up to be supplied by artist
    23. Advance bookings being taken
    24. Suitability for airplay to be controlled by show management
    25. Payable in advance by Pay-pal Invoice
    26. Dates Subject to availability

      Bronze Plan £80 Sterling: Magazine.

    27. One Month full page spread in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine'
    28. Links to where you want them plus embedded music videos
    29. Promotional Write-up to be supplied by artist
    30. Advance bookings being taken
    31. Payable in advance by Pay-pal Invoice
    32. Dates Subject to availability

    33. Talk to us, we are happy to adjust all plans to suit Budgets and Needs...

      This platform of international promotion has been built up over a period of four to five years and is being continually enhanced to broaden the international promotional platform for all independent music Artists, Writers and Promoters alike.

      The 'Featured Artist Radio Promotion' will not determine weather your work is Play-listed on 'The Independent Music Show'. There is 'NO PAY FOR PLAY'
      The 'Featured Artist Radio Promotion' is a Promotion Package and you determine what is featured in 'The Independent Music Show' Newsletter, Magazine and Website Featured Artist Page in conjunction with 'The Independent Music Show' Management.


    'Featured Artist...16/Sep'/2018...Steve Bonham & The Long Road'

    The heart of America and the spirit of adventure are explored in two incredible collections of songs, The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart and Reliance, and a new book. Based upon the songwriter, author and vagabond Steve Bonham's trek through Appalachia and the forests of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, followed by a road trip from Asheville to Nashville and New Orleans, this is spirited, maverick music with an edge and a heart.

    The Girl with The Rattlesnake Heart takes a few simple ingredients and spirits them up into edgy, raw 'moonshine' music. It's Renegade Americana … songs like the title track, 'Last in Line' and 'The One I Loved Before' conjure up an America of brooding landscapes; the outlaw and the rebel, the lonesome battle against fate. A land where the ghosts of the Cherokee wander along 'The Trail of Tears' and a motorcycle roars into a desert sunset in 'The Ballad of the Dragon's Tail'. These are songs of dark memories and courage – this is acoustic music at full throttle.

    Reliance keeps its feet close to the dirt music of the backwoods; a mix of self-composed and favourites of the band played with a jug of whiskey at their side. It's music of the silver dollar and a fire under the stars. Dylan's 'The Girl from the Red River Shore' meets the 'Moroccan Song' – a tale of a Californian girl hiding out in the Sahara Desert. 'Emeline' the riverboat chugs away from the troubles of the world and the vagabond leaves his bag behind the couch. And somewhere on a broken porch swing, the poet sits watching 'Hummingbirds' and remembers the girl by the sea. It's a collection of songs where the surprising intimacy of banjo, Cajon, guitar, tuba and sometimes piano rings true. And where, in the end, Diamond and the Gambling Man hit the long-lost trail.

    A Beautiful Broken Dream: The Gone To Look For America project.

    A chance remark by singer songwriter Joe Henry, appearing with Billy Bragg, set Steve Bonham (ever the vagabond philosopher) off on a literal and metaphorical exploration of the myth, music and moonshine of America. The Gone To Look For America project is a powerful, witty, moving, idiosyncratic collection of songs featured on the albums above. Many of the songs were co-written with fellow band members in The Long Road. As well as the two albums above Steve has also written a 'trail journal' called A Beautiful Broken Dream which will be published in July and to be officially launched at Wigtown Book Festival in September.

    In these times, when many find America bewildering and disconcerting, The Gone To Look For America project is a timely reminder of the potency of the soul and spirit of this enigmatic land. The music was recorded at the famous Woodworm Studios in Oxfordshire, England during Autumn / Winter 2017/2018.

    Steve Bonham & The Long Road

    Renegade Americana, Anglo-American, Roots? It's hard to pin down the compelling, distinctive high energy music of Steve Bonham and The Long Road. It's a swampy brew of styles mixed from both sides of the ocean, characterised by sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with passion and purpose. It's a kind of music that appeals to the outlaw in us all. It features as fine a bunch of rogues as ever hit a recording studio. As well as Steve Bonham, who has been described as the songwriter's songwriter; The Long Road consists of Chris 'The Bishop' Lydon on piano and tuba, Kev Moore on bass, guitar and drums, and John Humphreys on guitar, resonator, banjo and fiddle.

    Steve Bonham – The Vagabond Philosopher

    Wide brimmed hat. Long dark coat. Guitar slung on back. 21 years on the road. A hundred thousand miles and half a thousand hotel rooms. From the Berlin Wall to Atlas Mountains, from the Sahara Desert to the streets of Hong Kong: a memory brewed in the long simmering soup of people and place. A man who has learned to watch and to listen, to walk and talk in the ebb and flow of meeting and parting. He is a chronicler of the human spirit in words and music. Steve Bonham is a storyteller, a published author, an inveterate traveller, for decades a songwriter and musician and an award-winning psychologist. In various guises he has released over 10 albums; four books - the last of which was called A Little Nostalgia For Freedom – and the first Mystery play for 500 years.

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  • 'Featured Artist...09/November/2018...Studeo'

    2018 An Award-Winning Year For Australian Duo...Studeo takes home prizes in multiple ceremonies, genres...

    When husband/wife and perennial bandmates Jeremy and Christine Stork began recording in 2017 as "Studeo," they felt that the songs they had written together, drawn from their life experiences and world travels, might resonate with the public.

    They had no idea.

    When their three self-released EPs that year began getting world-wide airplay, with two songs, "I Wanna Make You Mine," and "Don't Wanna Play These Games," rising on independent charts to heights previously unseen by an Australian Independent act, they thought they might be on to something.

    They were right.

    When they traveled to Nashville to accept a Josie Music Award (considered the Grammys for Independent artists) for "2017 World Artist of the Year," they started thinking that perhaps it was a harbinger of even greater success.

    Indeed it was.

    2018 has been a year which has seen the genre-blending duo's career reach heights they'd only dreamed of, with their first full-length album and a deal on Bongo Boy Records. The awards were just the icing on the cake. That cake had a lot of icing.

    The New Year's confetti had barely settled when they found themselves in California, accepting an Arzuk Radio Music Award for "Jazz/Blues Song of the Year" for their song "Our Perfect Place to Be." In April, they focused on America's West Coast - accepting a "Best Rock/Pop EP" prize at the Akademia Music Awards, for the EP of which the aforementioned "Our Perfect Place to Be" was the title track.

    In August, the pair signed their record deal and released "These Are Our Days," a collection of previously-released and brand new songs which was lauded by Skope Entertainment as an album which "radiates warmth and tenderness…nicely bringing together neon-hued soulful balladry along with a soft rock emphasis."

    Studeo was honored twice in September: first, they received their second Josie Music Award (again for "Our Perfect Place to Be," this time as "Song of the Year" in the Jazz/Blues category); that song was then named "Adult Contemporary Song of the Year" by the Clouzine International Music Awards.

    October was a stellar month as well, with their song "This Time" receiving a Bronze medal at the Global Music Awards, and – in perhaps their greatest and most promising achievement of the year – their album "These Are Our Days" was accepted by the Recording Academy in Los Angeles for first-round voting for "Pop Vocal Album" at the 61st annual Grammy Awards.

    As 2018 winds down, one can't help but wonder what 2019 holds in store. To paraphrase the title of their latest album, these are definitely Studeo's days.

    Studeo releases their new album on Bongo Boy Records
    From Victoria, Australia comes Bongo Boy's power duo Studeo with a brand new studio album - featuring 12 original Adult Contemporary Rock/Pop tracks.
    UPC 680147205478 | CAT# BBR680147205478 | WORLDWIDE - More Info: https://conta.cc/2M9xvwP
    Download Album Here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/studeo13
    Artist Page: https://bongoboyrecords.com/studeo/
    WebSite: http://www.studeomusicaustralia.com/

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  • 'Featured Artist...02/November/2018...sandmoon'

    sandmoon is an indie pop/folk band originating from Beirut, Lebanon. Initiated by singer/songwriter Sandra Arslanian, the band has gone through periodical changes in its formation – a little like the immutable sand would be surrounded by a changing moon.

    Few bands in the middle east have had a loyal, cult-like following over the years. And even fewer still manage to maintain an authentic sound that's uniquely their own and remain true to their art.

    Growing up in Belgium, Sandra Arslanian played in several bands and clearly soaked up the knowhow and cultivated, even perfected, her aesthetic in the alternative music scene. But as is the case with artists who grow up away from 'home', Arslanian's influences are not stiff or simplistic. She elaborates on them, "melodies I've heard growing up and over the years, from classical music to rock, Armenian folk and liturgical hymns to gospel and blues to folk."

    Returning to a post-wars Lebanon that's still as rich in multiple identities as it is its music scene, Arslanian started her band Sandmoon in 2010 and released the "demo-album" Raw. Forward to a few years later, where Sandmoon saw a reshuffle of bandmembers and a reshape in sound, they released their sophomore record Home.

    Today, as Sandmoon stands, the band has new members and a new EP titled #InTheEnd with an even newer EP with production by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Cat Power, PJ Harvey). Sandmoon has also won at the 2017 Lebanese Movie Awards for best soundtrack for the Lebanese film Listen.

    Sandmoon's Sandra Arslanian's release of the In The End video, for which Arslanian herself shot protest footage for. The song features a bassline reminiscent of PJ Harvey's strongest sounds, circa post-punk-90s. It's that sound that lingers in your eardrum long after the song finishes and sets the mood for the entire day to come. A marching beat, to which your tempo is set.

    Sandmoon are:

    Sandra Arslanian: vocals/piano/ukulele/electric guitar
    Sam Wehbi: acoustic & electric guitar
    Georgy Flouty: electric guitar/soundscapes
    Ribal Kallab: cello
    Raja Rahbani: drums
    *Maen Rajab: acoustic and electric guitar (Europe, recordings)

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  • 'Featured Artist...26/October/2018...Killing Tyranny'

    KILLING TYRANNY is a heavy metal band based out of the San Diego area of Southern California. Their live shows are a thrill ride from start to finish. Insane vocals and blistering leads layered over a heavy groove that hits you like a freight train keeps you banging your head and pumping your fist all the way through.

    Lead vocalist George Gregory originally hailed from the unforgiving streets of Detroit Michigan where he gained his metal influence going to see countless shows of the 80s and 90s such as Priest, Maiden, Halloween, Fates Warning, Megadeth, and numerous others. In the year 2000 he arrived in California to pursue his musical career and quickly gained noteworthy recognition as the lead singer of the band OUTRAGED.

    With years of touring and recording sessions under his belt, in 2010 he went into the studio to record a CD of his own material and emerged with an epic compilation of political-controversy-meets-attitude fueled songs called MARTYR. The CD received rave reviews from Power Play Magazine, Strutterzine, and countless heavy metal and rock blogs. Promoted by Danie Cortese Entertainment, the CD started to gain notoriety in US and other countries, George began the task of putting together a band that could live up to the hype and power of his latest release. Going through the local musicians' outlets, he put together a team of seasoned musicians; Scott Muller on lead guitar, Jason Bonsangue on rhythm guitar, Erik Owens on bass and Bill Giannattasio on drums. With George's heavy but melodic vocals, Scott's captivating leads, and a rhythm section pushing and pounding its way through your chest, they started a local tour to promote KILLING TYRANNY.

    Quickly getting the attention of Southern California Promoters, they began a relationship that has quickly taken them to international shows in Mexico and the West Coast of the US, and this is just the beginning. Opening shows for Fates warning, Odin, Flotsam and Jetsam, Super Joint, DRI and may other notable bands they are tearing up stages wherever they go!

    Their new CD titled CHURCH OF THE TWISTED PROPHET was released in March 2018 it is an epic CD that can't be overlooked. You can find music from KILLING TYRANNY on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and many other digital outlets.

    Killing Tyranny is found on the most popular social media where you can keep informed of their latest show dates and listen to Rock Rage Radio, Boston Rock Radio, Pure Rock Radio and many other cool online radio stations to hear their most popular songs. Expect big things from this band!

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  • 'Featured Artist...19/August/2018...Cécile Nordegg I No-Ce'

    Cécile Nordegg well known as an actress in film and theater and as a contemporary painter, as well as No-Ce her Band No-Ce is the wedding of the two syllables of her name and in french, No-Ce means wedding joy, festivities.

    No-Ce is Cécile Nordegg and her band, this Austrian-based collective does not take the easy route to getting under your skin. A mixture of jazz, chanson and rock, it veers from the sound of smokey Paris coffee bars in 1957 to modern day hipster-swing hang-outs. Language is not an issue, quite frankly she could say something terrible about our grandma and we'd still listen.

    From an early age Cécile was surrounded not only by culture but multi-cultural influences. Since then she has met many great people with different backgrounds, interesting stories and amazing talents. With music she had the opportunity and also with theatrical and visual arts, to bring her talent, ideas and people together to create something special.

    Her projects are based on timeless texts, stories of encounters, separations, memories, of life as a whole; based on effective and perfect melodies.

    Édith Piaf and Frank Zappa ... now there's two names you can not see side by side. Yet, No-Ce audaciously marries the artists' sound, spawning a result that's staggering as you'd expect.

    Their latest release, Jazz Proclamation Vol.1 & 2, is a celebration of the art of French chanson wrapped in rock n roll. With this latest offering, the Vienna-based band achieve an album that is dexterous and moving, yet humorous.

    Based in Vienna, Austria, No-Ce is fronted by Cécile Nordegg, a chanteuse with a truly remarkable voice which is deeply resonant and expressive, operating in the lower register, already offering a rather unique listening experience. Previously a successful movie and TV actor, Cécile is backed by a band of outstanding musicians who have already made names for themselves: JP Chiche on guitar and background vocals (previously having shared the stage with everyone from Aerosmith to Fats Domino); Andreas Pirringer on sax, flute and clarinet and Walter Bass on piano, all contributing to their compositions. Augmented by American Grammy Award-winning rock guitarist, Jamie Kime (rhythm guitarist for Dweezil Zappa), the combination is both engrossing and intriguing.

    French jazz is not that easy to find and many newcomers and those are already soaked in the boozy musical brew, there is a wealth to savor, with many rock riffs as there are torch songs and glimpses into cabaret resurrected from a bygone age. With a casual cover of Frank Zappa's notorious "Bobby Brown" thrown in for good measure, plus standards by Piaf and Brel, this is an experience not to be missed.

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  • 'Featured Artist...14/December/2018...Brock Zeman'

    When it comes to storytelling, Brock Zeman is a master craftsman. The Canada-based singer-songwriter has spent the past 12 years carving and chiseling Americana soundscapes, drawing from roots-rock and alternative country. But what separates Zeman from his contemporaries isn't a willingness to speak truth – it's his unwillingness to conform to the rules of Nashville and the traditional framework of genre. What gives Zeman's stories force isn't that he's just singing a narrative – he's living it.

    Over the course of his career, Zeman has released 12 studio albums, one live record, toured North America extensively and received praise from numerous press outlets. "His songs have more depth than can be realized first time through, which only enhances with each listen," wrote Penguin Eggs. Zeman has also won a slew of songwriting awards, including 2nd place at both 2016's Unsigned Only Competition as well as the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for his track "Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil's Back." In 2017 he returned to ISC as a finalist with his song "Dead Man's Shoes."

    "I was inspired to write from the feeling I got when I listened to music," Zeman recalls about his childhood. "I always hoped I could pass on the same overwhelming feeling to others."

    Beginning his career as a punk rocker, Zeman's musical tastes gradually expanded to a love for country, bluegrass and roots. After years of experimentation, and with the help of longtime collaborator Blair Hogan, he carved a place for himself in the realm of Americana. His discography spans 12 albums – plus one live record – over 12 years, including his most recent releases: The Carnival is Back in Town (2017), Pulling Your Sword Out of the Devil's Back (2015) and Rotten Tooth (2013).

    With an acoustic guitar and rhaspy voice, à la Greg Brown, Tom Waits and Mickey Newbury, Zeman has managed to preserve the DIY ethos of his punk rock upbringing. He's an engineer and producer who not only tracks his own material, but has recorded other artists in his Ontario studio (called The Big Muddy), including Nashville troubadour David Olney. He also does voice-over work for television, and created his own booking agency named Green Room Music Source Canada.

    Brock Zeman's 13th studio album is expected out in spring 2018. He'll be out supporting the release on tour in North America and the UK throughout the year.

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  • 'Featured Artist...07/Dec'/2018...Lana Blac'

    The punch of thrash, the lyrical mysticism of doom, the monastic stylization of goth rock and the angular grooves of industrial music. Individually each one of these heavy rock subgenres is a force to be reckoned with, but when wrapped together in the epic new single "Suck You In" by up and coming metal singer Lana Blac, they make for a hybrid that will literally destroy anything that comes in its path. Blac's debut album Nocturnal is a leviathan of an LP; its content is diverse, multilayered and exotically packaged in a firm but generously well-produced format, and this song perhaps captures its acerbic artistry better than any other in its track listing. Defined not by its booming drums or gruff guitar, "Suck You In" is a testament to Blac's skills as an original songwriter and surprisingly agile singer in a genre sadly dominated by replicators in as of late.

    The relationship between the bassline and the drums is a major focal point in this track. While the bass is fine with hanging back in the shadow of the guitar and generating the gravity in the grooves, the drums are impatient and competitive, trying everything they can to stamp out the effect of the other instruments. In this sense Lana Blac is sort of like a sonic referee – she's keeping everything moving at an even pace through her simplistic execution behind the microphone, while the submissive bass and the abusive drumming create their own set of theatrics to entrance us and keep us glued to our speakers. Mindy McCall

    Lust, betrayal, revenge, and independence are prominent themes that rise from the ashes as Blac stalks and propels her way through Nocturnal. A rocky, ruinous, but ravishing relationship is the focus of "Recipe for Disaster". "The Game" is a sexy, but strong MF, while the spellbinding vibe of "In The Darkness" is a perfect track for Halloween.

    "Blac Ice" chills and thrills with monster movie organ notes, baroque harpsichord runs, and sinuous guitar motifs. The shivery instrumentation is an uneasy bed for Blac's winding vocals to lie in, as she builds to a vocal crescendo that's full of regret. She's looking back at a past relationship that's broken beyond repair, ruefully sighing, "You will crash and burn / for what you did behind my back / Deceit – I'll show you how it feels…"

    The reflective "Soul Stalker" amps up the alt-rock with supple, but lurching guitar and bass lines, subdued drum beats, and simmering cymbals strikes. The song splits into a different personality midway through with shouted vocals and more lumbering pace.

    Closer "Crave" sweeps by with more romantic (and maybe morbid?) sentiments as Blac sings bittersweetly about her love, "I know… that nothing will ever last / I want to hold your hand / from now to the grave / I want you, I love you / It's you that I crave." http://www.rebelnoise.com/reviews/nocturnal-lana-blac

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