'Featured Artist...Friday 07 June 2024...duxius'

Duxius, fronted by Polish artist Edyta Rogowska-Żak, is a genre-defying musical project breaking language barriers. Duxius' debut solo album, "Remanence" (November 18, 2022), showcases her versatility with a fusion of Polish, English, and German lyrics across diverse genres.

As a female artist, Edyta aims to redefine power with a fresh, non-masculine perspective. "Remanence" gained recognition on airwaves in Poland and Germany, featured on stations like Radio 357, Radio Nowy Świat, Polskie Radio Czwórka, Radio 1, and Radio Fritz.

Duxius has graced notable stages, including a standout performance at Radio 357 during the Męskie Granie 2021 festival and appearances at the Summer Theater in Szczecin and the German Embassy in Warsaw. Edyta's live performances blend 80s vibes with contemporary sounds, delivering a unique and theatrical musical experience.

Duxius stands out not just for blending languages and genres but also for Edyta's dedication to highlighting the authenticity of her intercultural voice, creating a space where individuality and diversity thrive.

Duxius' new single "Real Us" marks a return to a retro style, blending contemporary sounds with the energy of Polish alternative music from the 1970s and 1980s. The song is a manifesto about seeking truth and freedom, with lyrics that remind listeners of the need to make bold decisions in line with their ideals. The electrifying guitar riffs transport listeners to a world of westerns and desert landscapes, while Hammond organ accents evoke spiritual gospel tones.

"I am someone who seeks truth in people and in being together. If something isn't entirely authentic, I like to confront it. Confrontation always allows me to learn more about a person or a group I'm working with. I often confront myself if I feel there is something untrue in my actions. I do the same in art. I confront my feelings, experiences, or the creator and people I experience art with. Confrontation is the key word in encountering what is true." – says Edyta Rogowska-Żak about her new single.


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